Eno-gastronomic tours

To discover the real Tuscany, we recommend you to get a car and travel the scenic roads of Siena´s surroundings to the discovery of the old flavours.


The “Strade del Vino” are routes in territory with an high wine vocation, characterized by vineyards and wineries farms and also natural, cultural and historical attractions particularly significant with the purposes of integrating the tourist offer. For more information visit:


Or visit the following wineries that organize wine tastings and visits

Brunello di Montalcino Wine –

Nobile di Montepulciano Wine –

Chianti Classico Wine –


Biological “Pecorino cheese”


If you are a foreigner and you don’t feel driving in the Tuscany roads, let you escort by an English speaking guide:


We also arrange the following activities for groups:

- visit to the winery and vineyards of our own farm with tasting of various years of our wine

- ​​cooking demonstrations or classes in English: we teach how to cook the chickpeas soup, fresh pasta, tiramisu, various kinds of meat sauce and more.