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some Recipes

Stuffing for duck ravioli (tortelli all’anatra)

Specialità della cucina del Bosco della Spina è la pasta fresca fatta in casa = Tortelli all'anatra

Ingredients for 120 ravioli:
300 g duck breast;
extra vergine olive oil
meat broth and white wine

Warm up 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a baking pan and brown the duck breast cut into cubes (2 cm x 2 cm) with a minced vegetables . Add salt and pepper.
When it becomes well brown, add ½ glass of white wine and when it evaporates cook slowly adding broth.
When it is well cooked, whip up all in the mixer and use it to stuff raviolli.
We suggest not serving ravioli with an over rich sauce since the flavour of the stuffed will loose the main taste; butter and sage, for us, are the best flavouring.

Chick peas soup with pasta (Pasta e ceci)

Pasta e ceci fatta con una specie di ceci autoctona di Lupompesi

500 g of chick peas
300 g of peeled tomatoes
4 garlic cloves
1 branch of rosemary
chilli pepper
salt, extra vergine olive oil
40 g of egg pasta (tagliatelle or noodles) for each person

Put the chick peas to soak for a night.
Boil the chick peas in water with a garlic clove and some rosemary.
Take away underdone some chick peas from the water and shelve.
Cook well the other chick peas and strain with a vegetable mill adding gradually the cooked water obtaining as soup.
Brown (not too much) 3 garlic cloves and some rosemary and add the chick peas – soup.
Add the peeled tomatoes and chilli pepper.
Boil all for about 45 minutes and then add the whole chick peas that have been shelved and some rosemary.
Cook about 40 g of egg pasta for each person in the broth obtained.
During the cooking could be necessary adding some water.
Serve with some extra virgin olive-oil. Decorate the dish with a branch of rosemary.

Bosco della Spina’s secret: we use check peas cultivated in Lupompesi since more than a century; each year, a part of the check peas, that where picked the previous year, are cultivated. This check peas are very little with a very thin peel.

Stewed guinea fowl, classic recipe (Faraona in salmì, ricetta classica)

Faraona in salmì - antica ricetta di famiglia

Ingredients for 4/5 persons:
1 guinea fowl
2 ham slices
3 celery stalks
2 carrots
3 onions
6 sage leaves
2 basil leaves
1 glass of white wine
Guinea fowl liver
salt, pepper, extra vergine olive oil

Clean the guinea fowl leaving it entire. Flavour inside with salt and pepper and outside with ham slices on guinea breast.
Put it in a casserole with hot olive oil and when it is well roasted brown add a glass of white wine and close the casserole with its cover.
When the wine is evaporated, put guinea fowl liver and all aromatic herbs divided into not too small pieces and stew slowly, mixing up some times: vegetables will give the water necessary for cooking but, if it is too dry, add a little of hot meat stock.
When vegetables and guinea fowl will be cooked, take away guinea fowl and cut it up. Chop vegetables, ham and liver with vegetable mill. Put in a casserole this purée of vegetables and a layer of guinea fowl pieces and let flavour on slow fire until the time of service.
Accompanying vegetables: Vegetables delicate are particularly suitable for this main course of strong taste like mashed potatoes or moulds of vegetables with refined tastes, swiss-chard stalks or cauliflower or cardoons.

Note: with this same procedure it is possibile to cook wood pigeons, pigeons, pheasants, ducks, wild ducks, gooses, etc.

Apple pie (Torta di mele)

Torta di mele o di pere - ricetta semplice ma deliziosa

Ingredients for a baking pan of 26 cm diameter:
1 egg
100 g of sugar
100 g of flour
1/4 of yeast dose
100 g of butter
100 g of milk
1 kg of apple

melt the butter in hot milk (o not boil)
Beat the sugar with the egg and, when milk is cold, mix all together also with 1/4 of yeast dose and 1 hg of flour.
Peel the apples and cut in slices and mix with the kneaded previously obtained.
Put all in a buttered and clad with oven–paper baking pan.
Bake at 150° for 50 minutes.