the Restaurant


Our menu, composed of 4 or 5 options of each course, changes every day in order guarantee the freshness and seasonally of the ingredients.

You can always find some typical dishes, such as:

  • Tipycal Senese hors d’oeuvre
    mixed preserved meats of pork (ham, salami, bacon, sausage..) with croutons, salt cake, mixed vegetables in oil and pickles.
  • Fiorentina’s chicken breast
    Florentine recipe from a famous restaurant “Il Coco lezzone” very fashion in the 70´s and 80´s.Chicken breast in eggs and flour then fried in butter. Described like this it seems a heavy dish but served with lemon and salad or tomatoes, is a fresh dish and particularly good on summer time too.
  • Mixed “pecorino” cheese with pears and honey
    Biological mixed sheep cheese of 3 different seasoning: fresh = 1 month, half seasoned = 3 months, seasoned = 6 months, with pears and excellent chestnut honey produced in our farm.
  • Tagliata (Cut of beef)
    It is obtained from the beef’s quartering (interior part, the most tender of the leg). It is served rigorously underdone with chips (slicing potatoes like best Tuscan tradition) and with mixed salad from our kitchen garden.

In addition to these dishes, first courses you will always find at least one of our fresh home made pasta (tagliatelle, noodles, trefoli, straccetti and gnoochi) flavoured always with different sauces depending on the season and availability of the meats:

  • White or red sauces made with various type of meat like duck, pork, rabbit;
  • Season vegetables like “porcino” mushrooms, leeks and red chicory on autumn and winter; artichokes, asparagus and spinach on spring; “pachino” tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, aubergines and rocket on summer.

We also make our home made fresh pasta depending, also on availability of ingredients: duck or red chicory tortelli, nettle, borage or spinach ravioli and meat tortellini.

Between the second courses you can find:

  • Arrosti: roast pork loin, veal, chicken, pigeon, lamb, fennel duck and guinea fowl
  • Grigliate: grilled pork chops, steaks and sausages;
  • Umidi: chicken hunter’s style or with peppers, stewed guinea fowl, veal with olives, braised meat with red wine
  • Spezzatini: veal fricassee, stew meat with potatoes, roman style lamb
  • Fritti: deep fried chicken and rabbit, breaded pork loin
  • Stufati: veal in lemon, turkey breast in milk, sweet and sour pork loin.

All second courses are combined with at least with one seasonal vegetable that highlights the flavour of main course like:

  • Roast potatoes and salad with roast meat;
  • Fried potatoes and salad or oil and garlic vegetables with meat grill
  • Boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes with “umidi”
  • Vegetables mould and fiorentina’s peas with “spezzatini” and “stufati”

As our kitchen garden offers the best seasonal vegetables you will find a wide selection of side dishes too::

  • Swiss¬-chards, cardoons, french beans, courgettes, swiss-chard stalks or spinach mould;
  • Swiss-chards and chicory stir fried with oil and garlic;
  • French beans and spinach buttered;
  • and again Fiorentina,s peas, casserole artichokes and carrots in milk.

We are one of the few restaurants that make our own house made desserts including ice creams. It is rare to find sweet Tuscan recipes (apart from ricciarelli and Panforte that are typical in Christmas). Among cakes, very good is the apple or pear pie and plums tart with strawberry grape jam. As soft sweets, we cannot respect our philosophy of “just Tuscan food”, but a must is the Crème brulée and Tiramisu.


Price for an average meal, including beverages eur 30,00

Price for a complete meal eur 35,00
(appetizer, first course, main course with vegetable and dessert, not including beverages)

Restaurant price list

Typical Senese hors d’oeuvre
Other appatizers
  eur 10,00
eur 7,00
First courses   eur 8,00
Cut of beef with chips and salad
Other main courses with vegetable
  eur 20,00
eur 15,00
Seasonal vegetables
Sheep’s cheese with pear and honey
Mixed (fresh and matured)
eur 5,00
eur 4,00
eur 6,00
eur 8,00
Liqueur lemon sorbet
Ice cream
  eur 4,00
eur 4,00
eur 5,00
Mineral water’s bottle 0,75 l
  eur 2,00
eur 2,00
House Red Wine – bottle 0,75 l
Produced from Az. Agr. Svoltacarrozze
Owned from Meoni’s Family
02 . Year 2002
03 . Year 2003
04 . Year 2004
eur 7,00
eur 8,00
eur 9,00
(To consider approximate as some little changes could be introduced)