The Ancient Village

Bosco della Spina is the result of the reconstruction of the cellar, barns and stables of the farm owned by the Meoni Family, situated in the tiny ancient village of Lupompesi. The view from this small town is enchanting: the Valley of Crevole River, Murlo Castle in the background and next to farm. 

The village’s origins are lost in the history of this place and goes back in time to the Etruscans passing through the Roman, medieval and barbaric periods. 

The reconstruction maintained, or better enhanced, the optimal South-East position of the whole complex: each apartment has both a wide view of the valley and the “Crete Senesi” and of the picturesque village of Lupompesi. The contrast between these different types of views was underlined by the fact that the windows of the rooms overlooking the village are small, while those in the living room looking towards the valley are large and often arched shaped giving like this the sensation of being in an arcade. 

All the interior decoration have been specially designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible, both visually and practicality: the furniture has been made exclusively by Tuscan artisans skilled in traditional methods, based on the owner’s design

The combination of tradition and ancient taste of raw materials with a simple and linear style, has created an extremely simple and yet elegant environment.