the Ancient Village


• At Bosco della Spina everything is special because all the details have been purposely designed! The attention in the details, the choice of materials, the particular design and decoration makes this place unique in the world. The two owners, both architects, have designed most of furniture: tables, sofas, cocktail cabinet, lamps, armchairs, restaurant’s chairs, etc.. Even the dishes, glasses, forks, tablecloths were decorated or altered in order to become perfectly integrated with the rest. Techniques and modern designs combined with ancient materials: stone, brick, wood and iron.

• Bosco della Spina is part of the Meoni Family’s farm from where most of the products used in the restaurant come, such as the salad, fruit, legumes, honey and poultry. Of great value and unique is the grain which its origins are still being studied, although it seems to be Etruscan. This grain of particular beautiful, resistant and very height (the plant reaches 1,20 meters height). Chickpeas too, very little and lacking of peel, come exclusively from Lupompesi. People tell that they are sowed and picked only in this place from more than one century ago. The family’s mother herself takes care of the plants, lemon trees, flowers, fruits, orchard and kitchen garden with a large greenhouse.

• Produced by the same owner family is also the house wine: a very good red wine of Tuscany, IGT typical geographic indication, from the Azienda Agricola Svoltacarrozze by Meoni Sebastiana, produced in the vineyards close to the Bosco della Spina from where they can be visit.