the Ancient Village

Pool and gardens

The resort was built in several levels, all facing south-east and with a splendid view: the terraces housing   the private gardens of the larger apartments, some covered by a pergola, the restaurant-terrace, the gardens, an area covered from creepers with a bar, a well and a fountain, the pool area with sun loungers and chairs and another smaller garden with sun beds and sun shades.

The typical vegetation of Tuscany: lilac, rosemary, grapes, lavender, laurel, cypress, hawthorn and holly. During springtime the pale purple lilacs looks wonderful and during summertime the smell of herbs is very pleasant.

The swimming pool with water that slips into the valley has a relax-area of ​​shallow water with a Jacuzzi. The particular extended shape of pool allows long swimming and it also has a pump that creates a strong current in the opposite direction, in this way it allows a more effective workout while swimming if you wish so.

The noise of the waterfalls of the pool and fountain create a pleasant refreshing sensation.